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Would you like to remember how you felt in the lead up to a wedding, birth, divorce or midlife crisis?

We capture all the intense feelings happy and sad in the lead up to big milestones.

This footage can be shown at events large and small, or be kept for private viewing.

Audio Visual History

Starting from 

Just like an oral history but with video. 
Whether you're the child of someone whose history you would like to record or you yourself would like your history recorded, this is one to be forever remembered.

We come into your home and get to record all about your childhood, family and life.

This footage can also be edited this into a larger film with archival footage and/or interviews with family members.


Business Showcase

Starting from

It's the people that make the business, so let us capture your passion for what you do.
We come into your business interview you and watch you do what you do best.

This footage will get edited into a short video for marketing purposes.


Starting from

What's really going on at your event? We speak do vox pops people at your event  

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