Frequently Asked Questions

Your Family Doco

How does the interview schedule work?

Each interview session is about six hours - arrvial to departure. Typical timing (e.g afternoon session chosen): 12:00 - Arrive at interviewee's place of comfort 13:30 - Begin interview 15:00 - Short break 15:15 - Interview continues 16:45 - Interview concludes 17:30 - Final packup

How much is travel outside of Sydney?

We are happy to travel within Sydney at no charge and at cost price outside of Sydney, sometimes this also includes modest accomodation.

What is 4K?

We record each interview in 4K (4096x2160). Whilst we are happy to provide a 4K version of the finished interview, we find most clients are happier with Ultra High-Definition (3840x2160), which is the same 16:9 aspect ratio as most screens. UHD is exactly four times the resolution of Full High Definition

What are Observational + Interview shoots?

Observational filming usually involves a particular event like a meal, a visit, some activity that would happen whether or not the camera were present. This shoot gives a behind-the-scenes feel to the main character/s and how they interact with others. Interview filming is a little more planned. Typically in a living room with couches facing each other the scene is lit and microphone places above. This is where friends a family have the opportunity to ask anything and everything.

What if I want something different?

We are open to working with you. Let us know what you want! We can also provide you with a build-your-own modular quote.

How do I receive the video?

We set-up a password-protected subdomain with your video on it. You can download the video in a variety of sizes. You can also watch it without downloading. You can share this link with anyone around the world. Please note this will only be live for three months after delivery, giving you plenty of time to download and safekeep. If you have opted for the Episode or Portrait packages you will also receive a hard drive with the raw footage and final exports.

What quality is the digital file?

Your interview is delivered securely online in an H.264 codec at UHD 3840x2160 resolution. The video is compressed into a happy medium between size and quality. If you would like an uncompressed version and/or the camera originals, this can be arranged at additional cost. (The cost of a new hard drive.)

Who's involved?

Karly and Joshua Marks are a husband and wife team. Joshua is usually on a camera or arranges a trusted professional. Karly does a lot of the editing. Baby Hannah also hears fragments for quality control!

Can a couple be interviewed together?

If a couple does wants to be interviewed together, we encourage this. We can break the interview/s into parts. First, the interview can cover each person's birth, childhood and experiences until meeting their partner. Then the interview can cover their time together and joint stories.

What questions shall we ask?

What would future generations want to know? Some opening questions could be: - What is today's day/month/year? - Where and when were you born? - What is your earliest memory?

I have the best phone camera, why should I pay you?

Because our equipment is even better than yours (Sony FS7!), and won't be interrupted by phone-calls. We are trained in putting everyone at ease, no alcohol required. Technically, we use above-broadcast quality equipment. Our set-up includes: - A microphone, secured above the interviewee/s + interviewer/s - An unobtrusive camera or two (Sony FS7)